The passion for wine.

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The Bessich family
cultivating vines with passion for several generations,
to give a unique taste fine wines,
unique, as the land of Friuli:
The great white typical of the Friuli production
the elegant Pinot Grigio,
Friulano, native vine,
and the characteristic Verduzzo;
the classic and structured red, as the beloved Merlot,
the intense Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc,
the refined Refosco
and the Novello wine;

In addition to the traditional wines,
here is the Bessich Selection
among which the wines that take their name stand out
from villages of Roveredo in Piano
to symbolize a link with the territory,
even stronger, even more valuable:
the Puart a Sauvignon with its thousand shades;
the Codes, a particular selection of Traminer,
from the small cluster of yellow copper red
colour and spicy flavor;
the Forcjates, a selection of
Cabernet Franc of rare quality;
the Tavieles is produced from grapes
of Refosco dal Peduncolo Rosso
carefully thinned in the plants
and select at the harvest;
The remaining are special,
matured in particular wooden barrels with
patience on time lenses but important of nature:
Cabernet matured in barrique,
that knows no hurry;
the Tornielli Rosso andTornielli Bianco,
the flagships of the vineyards
of our territory and aged in Tonneau,
takes its name from the locality
in which the Bessich family lives and cultivating the vine.

Enrich the wine list,
the labels of sparkling wines:
the fizzy Gialuth, soft and delicate
is only the prelude to the triumph
of Prosecco DOC Spumante Brut,
with a fine perlage and with excellent consistency.
to get to Ribolla Gialla Spumante Brut,
native Friulian vine, fresh in the aromas,
full bodied but with a delicate perlage,
and finally, Moscato Spumante Sweet,
from the unmistakable aroma of peach.

Complete the Bessich collection
the famous sweet wines:
the Bacche Rosse and Bacche Bianche,
selected blend, obtained by drying the grapes;
and the Verduzzo,
with intense aroma and floral flavor.

The work in the vineyard, the grape harvest,
the wine in the cellar, the daily work …
Every single gesture is done with dedication,
taking care of the smallest detail
to preserve the goodness of wine,
intended for an audience attentive to the quality
and love of tradition.
All this is Bessich …
A story and a family …
A passion for wine!