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Winery Fest 2016 (Large) WINERY FEST 2016 – Sunday, 22 MAY
Once again this year we’re almost there! and the Festa in Cantina is approaching, with many news!

Visit us at our winery, remembering to reserve for events, and how much will be raised will be donated to AIL Pordenone, to give help to those who need and in memory of Luciano Bessich, 25 years from his demise.

Starting at 10.00, with winery tours and vineyard, wine tasting, excursions by horse-drawn carriage with La Sorana, and for children the jumping castles, attractions that will be available all day.

From 11.00 the top two events: MANI IN PASTA, workshop for children followed by the Bakery Masutti of Roveredo in Piano, which will lead us to the discovery of the dough for bread and biscuits. Simultaneously, start the Wine Food Pairing presented by Chef Giovanni Fabbro of the Italian Federation of Chefs Pordenone, flag bearer of the chefs of our territory, that using only selected local products, will prepare the delicious taste combined with our wines: Sauvignon with Rice with Dardago Saffron, Codes Traminer Aromatico with Trout of Agroittica Friulana of Fontanafredda with trifolate courgettes, and Tornielli Rosso with strips of meat from ‘La Bottega della Carne‘ of Pordenone.

From 12.00 lunch with TASTY MENU prepared by ‘La Bottega della Carne’, served with a matched glass of wine: the typical appetizer prepared with pitina, salty cheese “Asìno” and grilled polenta paired with Friulano; the gnocchi with meat sauce ‘”to Daniele” with Cabernet Franc; The Gnocchi with spicy sauce “firefighter” with Forcjates Cabernet Franc, Friulano dish with cevapcici, polenta and Frico combined with Còdes Traminer Aromatico; and Italian Tricolor Plate with strips of scottona, arugula, cherry tomatoes and parmesan matched with Tavieles Refosco; Finally fruit, cakes and coffee.

At 16.00 the most awaited event for wine lovers, the tasting of the ‘il Tornielli Rosso’, our red grape blend, starting from vintage 2008 to the 2013. The tasting will be presented by Fabio Bessich and guided by Enologist Michele Bonelli.

After the tasting, we will start to dance with Lincoln Quartet Band, the Venetian band officially recognized by Jethro Tull’s Ian Anderson, since 1996 has shared the stage playing with the big progressive blues rock names like CLIVE BUNKER, Glenn Cornick, JOHN EVANS, DAVID PALMER, historical musicians of Jethro Tull, as well as with Goran Kuzminac, ALDO TAGLIAPIETRA. Their performance is to propose the most famous songs of the British group, and the revisiting of the most representative pieces from the Rock-Prog panorama of 60,70,80 years: Orme, PFM, New Trolls, Tour, Genesis, Focus, Van Der Graaf, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple.

From 18.00, continues the band’s music and begins the Aperitif-Tasting with finger food of the Bakery Masutti of Roveredo in Piano, combined with Bessich wines; simultaneously continuing the availability of ‘La Bottega della Carne’ with his TASTY MENU ‘.

20.00 Closing the festival and toast with ‘il Pordenone‘, sparkling wine created by winery members of the Associazione EnoPordenone  to celebrate their union and to represent themselves through their own wine, which has a strong local identity.

Winery Fest 2016 2 (Large)


10.00 OPEN
All day: Visit vineyard and cellar – Wine tasting
Jumping castles – Tour with horse-drawn carriage – Delicious Menu

11.00 event
MANI IN PASTA! cooking workshop for the children by Bakery Masutti

11.00 event
WINE FOOD pairing with chef Giovanni Fabbro
tasting menu finger food  – € 7,00 – max 50 persons
SAUVIGNON – Risotto with Saffron of Dardago
Codes TRAMINER AROMATICO – Trout Agroittica Friulana with trifolate courgettes
IL TORNIELLI ROSSO – Strips of meat by ‘La Bottega della Carne’

12.00 DELICIOUS MENU by ‘La Bottega della Carne’

16.00 event
GUIDED WINE TASTING: il Tornielli Rosso vintage 2008-2013
€ 10,00 – max 30 persons

17.00 LIVE MUSIC by Lincoln Quartet – Rock 60-70-80

18.00 event
WINE tasting APERITIF with FINGER FOOD by Bakery Masutti – € 5,00

18.00 DELICIOUS MENU by ‘La Bottega della Carne’

20.00 CLOSING final toast with wine ‘il Pordenone’

For events, reservation is appreciated.
The money raised of the events will be donated to AIL Pordenone.

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