Wine & Pizza

Wine&Pizza by Bessich is the aperitif that was missing, an event organized by Bessich family, which every month invites you to spend a wonderful evening at our winery, with the tasting of four glasses of wine and the combination of four types of pizza.
A side event featuring the wines and pizza, will have an event with Wine&Cheese, with the pairing of our wines with some dairy products from the Latteria di Aviano.
All events will be accompanied by DJSET by DALBODJ, which will delight us with the best music of the 60-70-80-90 years and the hits of the moment.

Here all the date of Wine&Pizza by Bessich, the event start at 19.30:

Friday 10 May WINE&PIZZA with Rosso Basilico Pizza Catering at Bessich winery.

Friday 14 June WINE&PIZZA with Rosso Basilico Pizza Catering at Bessich winery.

Friday 12 July WINE&CHEESE with Latteria di Aviano at Bessich winery.

Friday 9 August WINE&PIZZA with Rosso Basilico Pizza Catering at Bessich winery.

The event cost € 19,00 per person (4 tastings of wines + 4 tastings of pizzas), with the addition of € 3,00 deposit for the glass
For the KIDS: menù at € 14,00 (4 tasting of pizza + 1 half liter bottle water), or at your choice pieces of wurstel or margherita pizzas.

Buy the ticket and avoid to stay in line:
– buy in the Bessich winery
– buy online on

See you in Località Tornielli 12/A – Roveredo in Piano – tel. 0434 949898.