The Bessich Family at Aviano Air Base

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The Bessich Family at Aviano Air Base.

IMG_20160411_103348 (Medium)Yesterday morning, at the invitation of Colonel Stefano Cianfrocca and General Barre R. Seguin, we visited the Aviano Air Base, along with other companies in the Pordenone area participating in the ‘Welcome Program’, activities created specifically for the reception and the introduction in Italy of the new military Americans and their families.

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General Barre R. Seguin, commander of the 31st Fighter Wing stationed at Aviano, after having warmly welcomed, handed over to our company a Certificate of Appreciation for the support to the ‘Benvenuti Program’.

On this occasion we visited the museum inside the base, where there are pictures and parts of historic aircraft that have been stationed in the base area of Aviano; Colonel Stefano Cianfrocca, under the command of the Air Base, he told us the history of the foundation, which dates to 1911, with the Regia Aeronautica of Italy, one of the first Italian airports, where were built the first fighter aircraft and the first bombers . After the meeting we visited an airplane hangar where they stop the F16 fighter.

We are happy about this invitation, which gratifies us of years of hard work in welcoming our American friends, work will also continue in the future to bring to the attention of the culture, places and local products.

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The picture shows the pilots Pagliano and Gori, which give the name of Aviano Airport. After many successes in 1917 in Susegana, they were shot down by the Austrians. Gabriele D’Annunzio wanted the airport to be dedicated to them.

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Fabio and Curtis with an F16

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