Associative activities


Member of AIL, Italian Association against Leukemia-Lymphomas and Myeloma, is an Italian ‘ONLUS’ (socially active non-profit organisation) constituted in Rome on  April 8th 1969.
Promote and support research. Improve patients and their families’ quality of life and provide direct assistance to patients in their struggle against blood diseases. Raise awareness of blood disease issues.
In memory of Luciano Bessich


Member ‘FIVI’ – Italian Federation of Independent Winegrowers The Independent Winegrowers FIVI cultivate their vineyards, bottling their wine, personally taking care of their product. They sell all or part of their crop in bottle, under their own responsibility, with their name and their label.
The aim of the Federation is to represent the figure of the Vignaiolo in front of the institutions, expressing its specific problems and proposing economic measures and legislative regulations aimed at the sustainable and rational development of the wine sector on a local, national and European scale.

Eno Pordenone

Manifesto: Group companies in the wine industry in the province of Pordenone in a new, dynamic, cross-system that is able to do with trade associations and local institutions to develop synergies and create the area’s identity, highlighting the values of tradition Using culture and ethics of the company, to jointly promote the products of the Members to give substance to the motto “know to be known” because it means growing up and confronting the mutual knowledge is the essential basis for creating synergy and unity of purpose.

A single integrated system of tourist offer that covers the entire region in order to enhance the wine through wine tourism and agricultural products of the area, without neglecting the environmental, historical and cultural factors that constitute the profound identity.
This system is represented by 3 Roads of Wine and Taste of Friuli Venezia Giulia – Pordenone, Colli del Friuli and Gorizia – born from the unanimous desire of promoting committees, formed by entrepreneurs and local authorities, to give birth to a single entity that can coordinate and managing all activities for the promotion of the vast food and wine heritage regional wineries, producers of flavors, restaurants and farm.

Road of Wine&Food FVG